Weekend at Funnigan's

Session 19 Recap

Or, Cult Removal for Dummies

After acquiring new duds from Hoodle, the party set out in search of the legendary Original Dingleberry™ tourist trap on the road back to Orpflm. Upon arrival, however, the party was somewhat underwhelmed by the actual dingleberry, but decided to steal it anyway. 

The party eventually made its way back to Orpflm, and while the others were busy upgrading their equipment at Turpo's Smithery, Lonny, Jr. went off to check up on the cult he'd inadvertently founded last time they were in town. The cult had grown to be a fairly sizeable organization, and was occupying a large building downtown as their temple. Lonny went before his followers and told them he wanted to be left alone, and renounced their worship. When Salvador, covered in berry juice, arrived looking for Lonny, the cultists hailed him as an avatar of Grimace and made him the new object of their worship. Salvador used his Vulcan neck pinch technique to subdue all but one of the cultists (whom he accidentally killed) and in the confusion the temple was set on fire. 



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